Sunday, 19 April 2009

Logos Hope video

The Logos Hope is an experience

A joy to be in the Faeroes Islands

We have arrived in the home port of the Logos Hope. It has been a joy to catch up with many friends here. Hundreds were on the quayeside to welcome the ship. Praise God for the support that the people of the Faeroes Islands have given to the ship ministry over the years.
Two Chief Mates, Uni Nolsøe and Trygvi Petersen both of the Faroe Islands with Captain Dirk Colenbrander (Netherlands and Director Mike Hey (Australia)
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Arriving in Logos Hope home port

Director Mike Hey (Australia) receives a gift of flowers from a local girl.


Entering the harbor at Tórshavn.

Sailing to the Faeroes Islands

Official Opening of the Book Fair in Edinburgh

The Rt. Hon George Grubb, Lord Provost of The City of Edinburgh chats with Director Mike Hey (Australia) in the Book Fair.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

In Edinburgh

We have seen people on Deck four quietly weeping as the watched a short film in the mini theatre. We have seen others praying with crew members. We have listened to stories of people touched by the presence of Christ. The aroma of Christ is evident among us.

Next wek we sail to the Faroes Islands. The Logos Hope is registered there. The small nation is excited about visiting the ship that most would have traveled on when it was a ferry.

Sunday, 5 April 2009