Monday, 27 August 2012

Reflecting  on:

Luke 18:18-30 and the failure of the rich young ruler.

1. He failed to be broken by the truth about himself, about his pride and about his idolatry.

2. He failed to be humbled by the power of God to meet him at his point of real need to be right with God.

3. He failed to be transformed by the generous and gracious love of Jesus. 

He was invited to make all his resources available to God's purpose among the poor and to simply follow Jesus

Jesus was on His way to the cross and the invitation was to follow him to the Cross. The Cross is the place of truth about our real brokenness, sin and need for mercy. It is the place of trust in the power of God for forgiveness and the gift of true righteousness. and it is the place of spiritual transformation through the generosity of God in pouring out his love in justice, mercy and grace.

Stay close to the Cross!

Saturday, 25 August 2012


Prayer does is not so much about our words but about our heart before God and His life in us enabling us to participate in Christ's purpose through Prayer.