Monday, 15 October 2007


Each week we have an informal forum to connect on issues to help shape and strengthen the Logos Hope vision. We have been focusing on Leadership and management.

Management is... what I do with task and process to accomplish a goal with people.

Leadership is... How I inspire, invest in and influence people towards a vision of a better future.

In our previous week’s discussion we talked about aspects of leadership and management that we would like to focus on. This week as a group, we identified three key areas to focus on for improvement:

1. Communication

2. Organization and administration

3. Mentoring

Today, we received news that our proposed manning for the Logos Hope has been accepted by the Faroes Marine Authority. This means that we have enough crew to sail the ship at the end of this month. This week surveys are taking place to enable us to obtain the necessary certificate for this first voyage.

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