Monday, 29 October 2007

Logos 2 in Kiel - Hope for the hurting

Hope for the Hurting People
The sight of a young lady lying in pain on a roadside in Kiel led crew to approach in concern. “We’ve already called an ambulance,” said the girl’s friends, waving them away, but the crewmembers felt compelled to stay. “We’re not standing here because it’s a spectacle,We want to stay and pray for her.” This unusual gesture caught the attention of the group, and after they had ensured their friend’s safe transportation to a local hospital, some accepted the invitation to come on board for a cup of coffee. As they conversed, the pain and hurt experienced in these young people’s lives, including the recent injury of their friend, her latest of three suicide attempts, moved crew to offer to pray for them. “We don’t believe in God,” they responded sceptically, but eventually agreed. As Annette asked God to heal their friend and to impact their lives, they were deeply touched. “What a beautiful prayer!” one young man exclaimed. Crew hope that through their day-to-day influence in this community, God will continue to reveal Himself to its hurting people.

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