Tuesday, 23 October 2007


The Logos Hope Project was born out of a vision to see everyone in a million touched with good news. It is born out of a vision to have a greater capacity for ministry. As the Logos Hope project has continued over the last three years, leaders in OM ships have been taking steps to shape the vision of the ministry. One of our main priorities has been to build leadership capacity. Since the end of last year a small leadership team has been working together with other leaders in OM ships to prepare for the future for the Logos Hope Vision.

There are three priorities that shape the design of the vessel, the way we are organized and how we will do ministry. We have built our leadership of the ministry around these priorities:

  1. To share the good news
  2. To sustain a healthy, vibrant community on board
  3. To develop a network of partner relationships

These ministry priorities are supported by another three areas of leadership and management focus:

  1. Operation of the vessel
  2. Hotel and catering
  3. Business management

Graham Jack from England leads what is known as the Logos Hope Public Ministries Division. This is at the heart of our vision. Everything we do is in the context of the good news. Our desire is that the good news will be shared clearly and that it will be seen in the way we live and in how we serve needs around the world. Recently I asked Graham a question. What is your concept and approach to ministry?

He replied, "In a sentence, pray hard, network with onshore leaders, listen hard, focus preparations and ministry around outcomes not output, seek to be relational, hospitable and intentional in all we do rather than hiding behind programme and performance – make sure God get’s the glory.”

In the next few months in Kiel we will be building an environment on the Logos Hope that will maximize our opportunity to provide quality experience of good news for every person who visits. Under Graham’s leadership we bring together the Book Fair, the visitor experience, the advance preparation for the ship visits to different ports, and teams that will bring help through practical aid, bring hope to those that visit the ship and others onshore, and bring knowledge through the Book Faire and various on board and on shore events.

Our second priority is the community on board. Good News is found in the hearts of people. As one of our leaders said earlier this year, "The message is written in our hearts." We have a vision to provide an environment on Logos Hope for a greater capacity to help people grow. As we invest in the community it will produce greater effectiveness in touching every one in a million with the gospel. When people walk on board the Doulos or Logos 2 today they often remark of the profound impact that the community has had in their lives.

Everyone who lives on board will be part of the Logos Hope community. We have organized our leadership here under a division called Personnel Ministries Division. HanTeck Goh, from Singapore is building a team that will be focused on leading the community towards greater health, personal growth and opportunities to be effective together in our witness to the gospel. Under his leadership we bring together personnel management, training, community events and life as well as member care and leadership development.

Our third priority is to work with a network of global partners. Another leader in ships said, "We cannot do it for the church we must do it with the church." Our vision is for partners around the world to take advantage of the Logos Hope environment as a place to participate in bringing good news to the nations.

We call this third division the Partner Ministries Division. Brian Esterhuizen from South Africa will give leadership to this on board division and help us provide hospitality to on-board guests, enable short-term vision team to come for two to three weeks of ministry with us, and partner with local volunteers. He will help us build a network of partners around the world with a goal to be fully funded, fully staffed and prayed for continuously.

The Logos Hope is about building our capacity for the good news, for community life and our capacity to work more effectively with our partners. We hold these goals as interdependent outcomes for greater capacity in touching everyone in a million.

Three other divisions provide a platform for these ministry priorities.

The vessel management is organized under what is known as the Marine Operations Division. This includes the deck and engine departments. Our Captain, Dirk Colenbrander gives leadership to this division. Today, he is working with a volunteer crew and the project team to prepare the Logos Hope to sail from Croatia. This includes the training of the crew and that we meet maritime regulations for sailing.

Gian Walser, from Switzerland gives leadership to the 5th division which is called Hotel and catering (HOTCAT). This was formerly known as the stewards department. However because of the nature of the ministry priorities we recognize the need to give clear leadership to providing accommodation for the community and guests and at the same time ensure that our catering and cleaning services are able to meet the high demands of the ministry.

The sixth division is called Corporate Service Division and under the leadership of Steve Packwood, from England they are responsible to provide good business management in finance, travel, administration, management of spaces on board, IT an multimedia services.

The Logos Hope Leadership Team of seven has been working together of the last few months to develop outcomes for the Logos Hope ministry. We have been building leadership teams and management structure for these on board divisions.

When the Logos Hope arrives in Kiel and we move into the Outfit Phase, the Logos hope project will continue to be a central focus as we prepare the vessel for future ministry. The project becomes in a sense the seventh division during the outfit phase. Gian Walser coordinates and leads the management of outfit works on board under the leadership of Lloyd Nicholas.

We are preparing for the arrival of the Logos Hope in Kiel and for the transfer of the Logos 2 community to the Logos Hope. While we continue with the project work and have project workers from around the world join us, we hope to continue the witness that the Logos 2 team has begun alongside the churches of Kiel. We also hope to be able to welcome partners on board for tours of the vessel.

Our first responsibility is to operate the vessel safely, securely and in keeping with maritime regulations. Our second responsibility is to complete the out fit work and sail into ministry. Our first reason for the Logos Hope is share the Good News. Our second reason is to invest in people as they share the good news and the third is to partner with the church to build greater synergy for the good news.



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