Friday, 30 November 2007

Prayer Diary

We are in the midst of moving people from Logos 2 to Logos Hope. It is an exciting and exhausting time! We praise God for the encouragements that he brings to us on this journey.

Pray that we will experience much grace in the next few days:

Saturday, 1st December

Today, Mike meets with the Leaders of OM UK to talk about the visit of Logos Hope to the United Kingdom.

In the evening Mike speaks at a Welcome service organized by the local German committee for our time here.

Sunday, 2nd December

We will be showing hospitality to many guests in these next few days. Pray that each one will be touched by the presence of Christ in the community on board.

Monday, 3rd December

Meetings with OM Germany to continue to plan the visit to this country. We begin the orientation for the Logos Hope community.

Tuesday, 4th December

Mike will speak to the whole community today. Then the OM Ships leaders meetings will be held during the next two days.

Pray for :

- Wisdom
- That we settle well together
- Financial break through
- The good news to touch many lives

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