Monday, 24 December 2007


Thank you so much for your support this year. As we look back we can see the faithful hand of God guiding us through many situations. We are thankful for his provision to the Logos Hope and to us personally. Thank you for being a part of our lives through prayer and financial support.

As I write to you, a team of people from the Logos Hope will be on the streets of Kiel to share the love of Christ with the many shoppers. We have had opportunities to connect with people living in the city. Pray that as we follow Christ here we will see many come to faith in him. It is very encouraging that we have an opportunity to develop relationships and to share a love of Christ over a period of time.
We have 300 people settling on board the ship. In the next months project workers will visit us from around the world. While the work continues to outfit the ship for the Ministry, we will have time to build and repair the community for the future. At the same time we will welcome many on-board to walk through the ship and gain a vision of the opportunities that we will have for ministry in the future.

The local committee has been very helpful and every Friday night we have a partner event to share about the progress of the work. This has provided a way to tell the story about God's hand on the Logos Hope over the last few years. When the ship sailed out of Trogir many were able to watch the progress of the voyage. The arrival of the ship was an exciting event which was followed by the move of resources and people from the Logos 2 to the Logos Hope. While we were moving we also received guests and had a number of significant meetings with Christian leaders from the countries that we will be visiting after this time here. This was quite an intense time and we are very glad to now begin to settle into more of a routine on-board.

It has been wonderful to have Rebecca and Michelle with us. Michelle's boyfriend, Dan is also here. We will enjoy Christmas together and it has been good to get to know Dan. Last night we had a game of Risk and Michelle won!

Mike will speak on Christmas Day on the theme of Immanuel, God with us! This is what the ministry is all about. This vessel will be a place for God's people from many nations to live and to work together. It is a place where thousands will be able to experience the love of Christ and to receive a message of hope in him. Please pray that our lives will be a clear witness to his presence and that many will have a personal encounter with Christ.

We hope to take a few days break with the family in the first week of January. Pray that will be a time to be refreshed together and to prepare our hearts for the coming year. In the second week of January Mike will go to Bremen speak at the Evangelical Alliance prayer week. Pray for anointing and a clear word for this time.

We appreciate you are much. Please write and let us know how we can pray for you at this time.

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