Saturday, 29 December 2007


we had an opportunity to spend time as a family today and to play a game of Risk tonight. It was the futuristic version. It's a little more complicated than the classic game.

Several people visited the ship today. We have worked with a number of them and it has been encouraging to connect and introduced them to the ship.

On Thursday and Friday I spoke from the book of Haggai in devotions. I spoke about the effect of discouragement on our priorities. In this small book God's people are called to live by faith in his word even though the circumstances in situation is difficult. It was very encouraging from me to see how God had chosen the leaders for this task and how he promised his presence and power as they gave themselves to the vision that he had given.

As we continue to focus on the project work, we are looking for people on board who will be able to be part of a special project to the Caribbean. We plan to relaunch the logos to for a literature and discipleship ministry in the region. This will be for six months from the middle of January.

Pray that God will give us wisdom in identifying the right people to be involved.

We also seek to follow Christ in Kiel in such a way that he will make us fisher's of men in the city. we pray that the people in Kiel will be transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ in the weeks and months ahead.

Today we were able to release a list of the work is to be done for the passenger ship safety certificate. This gives us some very clear goals to work towards while we are here in Germany.

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