Monday, 25 February 2008


From the Logos Hope Web site:

More than 100 women of Kiel made history when they came to Logos Hope for breakfast and the first women’s conference on board the vessel. "They have blessed us and we wanted to encourage them and show our appreciation. One thing we have is passion and vision and we wanted to share that with them," said Ann Hey (Grenada).
One local lady shared that 20 years ago she felt she and her husband were being called to serve God fulltime. After encountering problems in their marriage and with their children, the dream just about died. Her visit to Logos Hope refreshed and renewed this desire.
The goal of local resident Ruth Mueller is that women of Kiel will continue to meet under the banner "Women With A Vision". This will ensure the vision will continue to be fueled long after Logos Hope leaves Kiel.

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