Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Living by Faith

We look back over this last year with gratitude for the faithfulness of God and His unfailing love demonstrated in so many ways. We have expeienced His grace. He has given what we do not deserve. So much has been done on board to prepare the ship. We see His guiding hand in the details of our daily lives.

He is faithful towards us. He sees the frustrations and failures. We can tust His unfailing love. In Zehariah 3 we have a clear picture of what it means to stand in the presence of God in need of His grace.

1. We stand in His presence believing and confessing our need of Him
2. We stand in His presence knowing that the Lord rejects the accusations
3. We stand in His presence to receive His righteousness as a gift of grace
4. We stand in His presence with Hope in the work of the Messiah.

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