Sunday, 6 September 2009


We have enjoyed having Bernd and Margret Guelker (former CEO) with us in Tobago for the past few days. We have been able to reflect on the past and look at the future together. We are thankful to God for those who have helped us on our leadership journey.

This morning Han Teck from Singapore outlined an excellent internship program for the 96 people who will be joining the Logos Hope team. It is encouraging to reflect on the intelligent and strategic leadership that many have given in shaping the Logos Hope culture as they sought God for inspirational leading through His word.

We are thankful for many who have been responding to the gospel in these first few ports in the Caribbean. Training in the the gospel for Caribbean people is a strategic initiative.

Our daughter,  Rebecca will be joining us for a few days on the ship next week. We are taking time to pack, catch up on communications, and a little coaching  and mentoring of  the next generation as we have time.

Praise God for His gracious hand on the Logos Hope team at this time of transition.

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