Monday, 30 August 2010

Prayer for the releif effort in Pakistan

We have two teams in Pakistan helping with the relief effort. Please pray for the Love of Christ to demonstrated in all that they are doing.

Northern Team

The team has travelled up the Swat Valley today, from where they drove a further 3 hours and finally walked for 30min to reach Madeen near Bahrine. The Assistant District Commissioner (AC) has met them and showed them the area and families among which they will distribute tomorrow. They have food packages for 300 families with them.

Pakistan Flood

Despite it being Ramadan, the AC had arranged food for the team since they are Christians. He also made arrangements for their accommodation (a service not provided to other NGOs) and a vehicle with driver. The team was reminded of Jesus' promise that wherever we go, He will go with us.

Sindh Team

The shop that's been providing rations to our team gave us 13 packs from their own personal side. "We trust you guys," they said "and know that you will give it to the needy rather than keeping it for yourselves like others are doing." His contribution was totally unsolicited.

"Who are these guys anyway?" someone asked the team leader, "They do what they say they will do - not just give us false hopes about coming back with aid and then never show up again."

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