Wednesday, 1 September 2010

OM Ministries in East Asia Pacific - Profile Hong Kong

Country Profile: Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong is the first Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China under the "One Country, Two Systems" policy of July 1, 1997. The work of OM Hong Kong is two-fold: It is a home office sending out recruits from Hong Kong churches to many OM fields, and we also have an outreach ministry to New Arrivals (NA) coming into Hong Kong from Mainland China. Every day a set quota of 150 people emigrates from Mainland China to HK. Family reunion is a condition for obtaining a residence permit and most are looking for manual jobs. The NA-ministry works in cooperation with several local churches, combining evangelism and social work. Activities include visitation, English tuition, counseling, etc. There are great needs among the new arrivals in Hong Kong.

In September 2000, OMHK started a Global Action Team in nearby Macau. (This former Portuguese colony became the second SAR of China on December 20, 1999, and OM was registered here in December 98.) Macau is known for idol worshipping, gambling and light industries. There are 63 churches and approximately 0.5% of the population are evangelical Christians. The Global Action team stays in Macau for six months doing evangelism and encouraging local churches, followed by three months in another OM field and concluding with three months in Hong Kong working with the New Arrivals-team.

If you are interested in China and Chinese culture, Hong Kong and Macau are good places for you to learn the culture and minister to the Chinese.

Places on the team in Hong Kong or Macau are limited to nationalities who can come for six months without visa problems (e.g. overseas Chinese with residence rights in Hong Kong or those who can get a work permit).

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